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About LBF Kids & Teens Talent Agency


About LBF Kids & Teens Talent Agency

LBF Kids & Teens Talent Agency is a specialist agency who represent talented, creative kids & teens who're able to take on lead/featured roles in either television, advertising, film or stills.  The kids & teens we represent are self-confident, motivated and creative.   We're based in Ponsonby, Auckland with a branch in Wellington.  


The right agent can be an actor's greatest champion, strongest supporter & wisest counsel, which is why we always begin the process with a meeting together in the LBF office to get to know each other, discuss how it all works and see if we're a good fit!


We workshop our young actors, which is well known within the industry, beginning with a New Actors Workshop which gives the kids basic camera skills & most importantly gives us a clear idea of the ability of each child/teen.  We consider them individually when jobs come through, which means we can best represent them in the industry and provide casting directors with able actors who are perfect for the job!  We can't do this unless we know their work so it's a compulsory requirement for our new actors 5 years and up.   We have a New Actors Workshop every term in Auckland & once a year in Wellington.


We also run Refresher Workshops, two each year in Auckland, to retain a connection between YOUNG ACTOR & AGENT, brush up on audition techniques and for LBF to see where our actors have travelled to in their creative devleopment since we last worked with them.  One of our biggest challenges is to stay up to date with our actors skills & development so we can continue putting them forward for opportunities that are right for them.  Their development is rapid and we need to keep pace with it!


LBF also provides regular ‘Acting for Camera’ classes throughout the term in Auckland, for those kids & teens who want to learn more craft - targeting skills & confidence required in camera work and performance.    LBF launched our own Web-Series Workshops called 'Teen Trials & Tribulations' in 2018, to provide a vehicle for our teens to create, film & upload their own work - whilst waiting for auditions.   This also teaches our teens how to be pro-active as performers in creating self-led projects!


We're members of the AAANZ (Actors Agents Association of NZ) and also work closely with NZ Actors Equity, providing advice, active lobbying and advocacy on behalf of young actors in the NZ Entertainment Industry.


LBF is committed to nurturing & growing the creative growth of our kid & teen actors and to providing the industry with an array of extraordinary talent.


Actors Agents Association of New Zealand




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