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Acting for Camera Academy

LBF Kids & Teens Talent Agency nurtures and supports the creative development of our kids & teens.  Classes and workshops are an integral part of the agency, so our young actors understand the expectations of auditions and casting directors, learn and develop their camera skills and grow in confidence.   All classes & workshops are held in the LBF Studio, 3b, 49 Brown St, Ponsonby.   There are different types of workshops available including a photo update shoot every term:

1.  'Acting for Camera' Academy x8 weekly sessions throughout the term;  

2.  LBF's Web-Series 'Teen Trials & Tribulations' x8 weekly workshops throughout the term;

3.  New Actor Workshops for new actors to the agency;  

4.  Refresher Workshops for any LBF who chooses to take part, to stay connected & refresh camera skills;

5.  Photo Updates every term in the studio with professional photographer.

1.  2019 'LBF Acting for Camera’ Classes    Regular ‘Acting for Camera’ Classes running throughout the term for a x8 week block.  Designed for young actors who are working/or want to be working on the professional circuit.  Development of audition, performance techniques & skills for camera.  Taught by Liz BF.  ACTORS NEED TO BOOK INTO THE FULL PROGRAMME - these are not one off classes.   You can book a place by sending an email to

JUNIOR 7-9yrs & INTERMEDIATE 10-12yrs Programmes are focused on improvisation, script, camera and audition techniques. American Accent Coaching included in the intermediate programme taught by an american accent specialist.  8 x 1 hour sessions.  Cost $150.  

Junior 7-9yrs:  
TERM 2 2019            11am - 12noon                  Saturdays     4, 11, 18, 25 May:  1, 8, 15, 22 June
Intermediate 10-12yrs:
TERM 2 2019            12noon - 1pm                       Saturdays         4, 11, 18, 25 May:  1, 8, 15, 22 June
SENIOR TEENAGE 13-17yrs Programmes are focused on accent work, improvisation, script, camera & audition techniques.  American Accent Coaching included taught by an american accent specialist.  8 x 90minute sessions.  Cost $230.
TERM 2 2019             5 - 6.30pm                            Thursdays     2, 9, 16, 23, 30 May:  6, 13, 20 June

2.  WEB-SERIES 'Teen Trials & Tribulations' 13-17yrs:   A platform for our teen actors to create & film original work & upload it to the Web Series ’Teen Trials & Tribulations’.  This work is based on real highs & lows that affect teenagers.   It is relevant, fresh and up to date!  LBF have a youtube channel which this series runs from.  This is an organic way for our teens to gain amazing experience, and have unprecedented exposure as young actors. From an agency point of view, aside from helping to ease the frustrations of our young actors waiting for work, this adds a whole new dimension to the profiles we can share about our teens, giving our casting directors really rich insights into their talent.  TT&T Web Series Workshops run throughout the term:  x 8 two hour sessions, comprised of LBF Actors aged 13 - 17yrs.  These teens are the featured actors throughout the series during the term they’re enrolled for.  There are no auditions for these places, the only prerequisites are that actors must be LBF & have completed at least 1 term of LBF Acting for Camera classes, so their camera skills are up to par.  

TERM 2 2019            1.30 - 3.30pm                            Saturdays         4, 11, 18, 25 May:  1, 8, 15, 22 June

3.  NEW ACTOR WORKSHOPS:  Every actor 5yrs & over is required to attend an Acting for Camera & Audition workshop specifically designed for new actors to the agency.  Taught by Liz BF.  The next Auckland NEW ACTOR WORKSHOP is on Sunday 5th May.  

Junior 5-7yrs:  9.30-10.30am             Intermediate 8-11yrs: 10.30-12.00pm                 Senior 12-17yrs: 12.30-2.00pm  

The next Wellington NEW ACTOR & REFRESHER WORKSHOPS tbc.

4.  ANNUAL REFRESHER WORKSHOPS:  Retain a connection between ACTOR & AGENT, brush up on audition techniques & get back in front of camera.    There are 2 each year for 5yrs and over.   Email Liz on to book in.   The last 2018 Auckland REFRESHER WORKSHOPS were on Sunday 7th April.   The next refreshers will be in Term 3.

Junior 5-7yrs:  9.30-10.30am              Intermediate 8-11yrs: 10.30-12.00pm                Senior 12-17yrs: 12.30-2.00pm 

5.  PHOTO UPDATES:   We have a photo shoot every term to update actors headshots with photographer Caro Ducobu.    The next Auckland PHOTO UPDATE session is on Sunday 26th May.